Janet Farnell (John of God crystal healing bed)

Janet Farnell – John of God Crystal Healer – Crystal Sonic Solfeggio Sound Baths.

I have been a healer for many years working through different healing modalities starting with Reiki, Reiki Master Practitioner, Angelic Reiki, Inner Child Healer, Karmic Past Life Healer, Christ Consciousness Healer, Divine Feminine Goddess Soundstream and toner, Spiritual DNA Encoder and Activator, Light Language Mentor, Sound Healer, Workshop and meditation facilitator along with therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, Hopi Ear Candles and Reflexology.

Then two years ago I moved over to work with the healing energies of John of God and the Casa Doctors. This was brought about by my own ill health, I was lead to send my full diagnosis to John of God at the Casa and it was then that I received my healing miracle. I had been suffering from a prolapsed bowl and subsequently that year actually became bowel incontinent, I experienced distance spiritual surgery from John of God one day at my home and from that day on I have had no problems what so ever full cure and then discharged from the hospital ‘no NHS treatment required’. I then found that I was experiencing quantum entanglement with John of God and the Casa Dom Inacio, ie I had been there at the Spiritual Hospital before in a different time and a different space that is for sure and it seemed that it was the most natural thing for me to progress into this realm of spiritual healing, part of my spiritual destiny. Working with the energies of John of God is completely different to any other energy that I have worked with as I now work solely with the energy of our Creator. The Casa Doctors or the Spiritual Doctors at the Casa Dom Inacio will now incorporate into my physical body during the healing and use me as a medium for their energy.

The other side of my healing work is within sound especially solfeggio sound, I have several beautiful solfeggio crystal singing bowls along with a crystal harp. I have created Crystal Sonic Solfeggio Sound Baths, where I play the solfeggio bowls, tone and mantra in Light Language which is the language of our soul the high frequencies of the solfeggio bowls resound within our soul’s energy healing us from within.

If anyone is interested in Crystal Sonic Solfeggio Sound Baths and would like to arrange one in their area please contact me on 07979 241202 or email amethystinspirations@hotmail.co.uk.

John of God Crystal Healing Bed Therapy;

Healing Bed

Crystal Light Bed Therapy is a safe and non-invasive holistic therapy that works upon the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our body.

What to expect during a treatment:

The client is asked to remove shoes, glasses and jewelry and then lies fully clothed on a massage couch and covered over with a blanket. We then position the Crystal Light Bed over the client’s body; we dim the lights and play relaxing music whilst the Crystal Light Bed works through its healing sequences. Every effort is made to make you feel very comfortable and relaxed whilst you are undergoing this treatment.

  • Brings the body out of the state of dis-ease
  • Improves general health issues
  • Helps to control chronic illness
  • Brings about better sense of wellbeing
  • Helps with Pain relief
  • Stress release
  • Helps to alleviates depression/anxiety attacks
  • Helps to alleviate insomnia
  • Creates more positive mindset

We/I cannot make any claims that this therapy can heal, but many people have felt that it has helped them to feel a lot better within themselves, in a mental, emotional and physical way.

The Crystal Light Therapy Bed was purchased with permission from John of Godat the famous Casa Dom Inacio, the spiritual hospital in Brazil and is imbued and blessed with the healing energy of John of God himself.

The bed holds 7 vogel cut pure Brazilian quartz crystals, each crystal in imbued with the frequency of one of our chakras and radiates the appropriate colour and energy for that chakra. The quartz crystals are also imbued with the healing energies of John of God and the Casa Doctors. These crystals work on many different light frequencies bringing balance back into our energetic system. John of God on a spiritual level works with our past, the present and also our future, so people may experience in a spiritual sense, past life healing, inner child healing, karmic resolution, soul retrieval, soul alignments, spiritual DNA alignments, blueprint assessments, Akashic record re-negotiations and spiritual purification.

Crystal Light Bed Therapy – 1hr session       £40

Available at The Archways Private Medical and Health Centre, 84-86 Stockport Road, Romiley SK6 3AA Cheshire tel: 07979 241202

Crystal Sonic Solfeggio Sound Baths – please contact for events.

WORKSHOPS: running at the moment

John of God Healing / Crystal Sonic Solfeggio Sound Bath

The first half of the day we work with the energies of John of God and the Casa Doctors, everyone has a 20 session on the John of God Crystal Light bed. The second half of the day involves sound healing where we immerse ourselves in solfeggio sound and light frequencies.

Please contact for further details and venues.

Telephone: 07979 241202 email: amethystinspirations@hotmail.co.uk