Safia Nelson (Access Bars® Healing)

My Angel (Copyright of image Soulful Creations) logo quote asks you a question… “Do you desire to spread your wings and choose a life of happiness?©” It’s an invitation for you to choose to create and generate ‘Khushi Ki Zindigi© ~ Life of Happiness.’ We are all striving for happiness…

My life was a series of dramatic and traumatic events whereupon I spent the past 15 years learning and working with other modalities. In 2013 I was invited to a talk about Access Bars® of which I was very sceptical as to the possibilities of instantaneous change it could create- happiness! My health was rapidly declining due to a car accident and living with the constant pain, insomnia, menopause and anxiety/fears was debilitating my life choices- happiness. The past year has been a roller coaster transformation for my health no pain, sleep and happiness. I am grateful to Access Bars® Energy Healing and Body Energy Healing, tools as it has enabled me to truly BE the BEing with possibilities of choices and awareness. I have chosen to STOP hiding from my potency and now choose to spread my wings and desire a ‘Life of Happiness~Khushi Ki Zindigi©’.

What is the Access Bars®?

The Bars is a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head to remove redundant thoughts, beliefs, judgements and points of view – rather like cleaning up the hard drive of your computer! As you reclaim the energy that was locked in these ‘old files’, you’ll feel progressively calm and energised. Many people say they feel more space in their head – as if it’s been decluttered! How does it get any better than that?

The Benefits of Access Bars®

*Relaxed, de- stressed and energised

*Improved sleep and mind chatter calmed, migraines

*De-clutter and defrags the mind from emotional and physical ailments

*Manage your pain, arthritis, allergies, depression, anxiety…


Dare you not to invest in your happiness and BE the contribution this earth desires of you!

Safia Nelson ~Qualified Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator ~ One to one private sessions and I teach the Access Bars® Therapy classes.

Contact: Mobile 07709857729 Email: Safia Nelson