Amy Holland (Medium & Visionary Artist)

I am a well established Psychic Medium with over 10 years of experience. I have read at events all over the country and Internationally via Skype and telephone. I provide a range of spiritual and healing services including;   

Spirit Guide Portraits

I am able to tune into your energy and gain images and communications from your own personal guides. During the session you will receive a 30 minute reading from that guide and an image of your guide channelled by me to take home.


I will pass on messages from your loved ones and guides in Spirit.


I am a well established healer in Crystal and Spiritual Healing.  I have worked on many emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and end of life cases in both humans and animals. I channel the healing energy of the universe and invoke my guides which include the energies of the Ascended Masters and Celtic Gods and Goddesses. I work extensively with the channelling and invocation of spirits and deities that are unique to the person coming for a session. All content is unique to that individual including guided meditations and crystal prescriptions where needed.

Animal Healing

Animal healing can be undertaken in any location with communication and spiritual healing being the predominant focus.  I have worked with many ailments and injuries from the uncomfortable to life changing, emotional, spiritual and behavioural.  

Please contact Amy on 07949 599645