Alan Whitehead (Author)

Alan Whitehead, drummer with the successful 60′ and 70’s pop group Marmalade. After 11 top ten hits and 2 No.1’s, at the peak of fame and fortune thought “Is this all there is?” From that point onward he wanted answers and in 1973 he was introduced to a small group called “A Circle for Inner Truth”. Whilst being a part of the group he experienced the teachings of an ancient Chinese master named Chung Fu who spoke through a trance channeler. This book documents some of the remarkable knowledge that helped Alan on his journey to enlightenment.

Don't shoot the messenger book 1      Book 1 of Don’t Shoot The Messenger.


Don't Shoot The Messenger book 2  Book 2 of Don’t Shoot The Messenger.

Book 2 is a more in-depth look at the world and what we can do to fix it from the viewpoint of one of the greatest ancient Chinese Masters. These transcripts of these books were written and heard over 40 years ago, but back then the world was not ready to hear what Spiritual Teachings Chung Fu had to say, considering he had been in Spirit World for over a hundred years, but they are now! Both books are available on Amazon to buy right now.


Contact Alan on;  07957 358997