Ted Royle (Transformational Energetics Dynamics)

About Me

I have been working within the holistic and alternative practice industry for many years now, dedicated my life to help those who are suffering in with physical illness or with mental ones. T.E.D.s (Transformational Energetics Dynamics) is a culmination of all the experience and learning of many different healing and therapy practices over the years that I have attained which extracts the most powerful and successful healing elements all rolled in to one. This therapy I believe will be revolutional as it’s positive benefits and effects are felt by all those who encounter it. My aim is to help as many people as I can with this therapy to become healthy and happy so they can move forward empowered in their own lives.



TED (the name is purely coincidental) Is a (old) New form of 5th + dimensional healing. A mixture of Human Quantum Physics (The small microscopic particles that make up every part of “your” body), Light Hypnosis and assistance from Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and more. It can be Very Quick and sometimes Quite Dramatic, even sometimes so subtle and seemingly uneventful. But in the vast majority of cases, healing change happens and it’s usually quite quickly. See “TED in Action” at St Georges Hall, Liverpool 2nd weekend in Sept 2016.

Contact Ted on; 07432 143748

E-Mail;  tedroyle@hotmail.co.uk