Crowe (Shamanic Healer & Rune Reader)

About Crowe

Crowe is a healer of the Northern European tradition of Shamanism, and also works with the traditions of the America’s to bring healing for his clients Crowe is also a reader of the Runes. The Runes are an ancient divination system native to Northern Europe and indeed our own ‘lost’ tribes of Britain. It is believed they may even predate the tarot and have root connections with the ancient kabbalah and I ching. I work with the Runes as a diagnostic tool for healing as well as for guidance Firstly – To find out what the client needs to know…to find what is most important for their well being, but may be hidden from them. And then – To help find solutions and how to navigate any obstacles that may be in their path The Runes offer advice and guidance for all areas of life. Come – Ask…..

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the worlds oldest method of healing and has been practised all over the world since mankind’s first beginnings. All other forms of healing probably stem from it. We use this vibrant spiritual energy system to channel universal higher energies and frequencies to…   Detoxify and heal our bodies, Bring clarity to our emotions and minds Connect us back with our spirit..our joy…

In most/some traditions people do not call themselves shamans. That title is given to them by those who have experienced help or healing through the power of the spirit connection. Many modern day practitioners of shamanism call themselves shamanic practitioners and others call themselves shamans, others prefer not to put a label on themselves.

A traditional shaman undergoes extensive training both in this reality and with the spirits to develop the discipline, knowledge of the spirit world and the skills required to enable the spirits to do their work. It is an ongoing way of commitment, trust and surrender that becomes a spiritual path and a way of life. It is the spirits who do the work and all shamans / shamanic practitioners recognize they are the go-between between the spirit world and this reality. Shamanism brings us into contact with what many of us have become disconnected to, the essence of nature, the essence of ourselves and the spirits who are willing to help us by sharing their wisdom.

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Telephone;    07716 213733



Wow!  What a fantastic healing with Bernie, and the insights at the end really blew me away,
Thank you so much.
Wendy x.
St Georges 11/9/16

Such an amazing, insightful and gifted intuitive.
Rosslynne……..Runes with Crowe

Awesome, Beautiful and Inspiring.
Much Love x Juliette

The treatment today with Bernie was absolutely fantastic.
Such a warm and serene energy surrounded the whole of the session and I felt a real connection.
So great and inspiring to speak to you.
Thank you for propelling me to my next chapter.
Shamanic Healing with Bernie. Julia. 11/9/16. Liverpool St Georges

An absolutely AWESOME, incredible reading.
So sincere and very very helpful.
I feel so uplifted and hopeful.
Thank you
Liam D

Enjoyed the whole healing experience – from the voice, to the healing hands and the guided journey.
Felt very relaxed and rejuvenated.
The pain in my back actually went way. Amazing.
Thank you. Poonam.
Shamanic Healing with Bernie. 16/9/16

I knew I had to come back again today. Last week I was in a lighthouse buying a second hand book on Runes and today my future is clear.Today I met Crowe and the energy was fantastic. I have been wondering and now I feel clear on what to do and where to go.
An absolutely amazing and accurate reading. I could not believe how he laid my life out on the table.
On and on it went.
Thank you is not enough.
Love Barbara.
Rune Reading with Crowe. 11/9/16. Liverpool St Georges

My Shamanic healing was a wonderful experience.
I felt the wonderful healing energies, as I allowed myself to surrender to them.
I can highly recommend it.
Many thanks.Penny x
Healing with Bernie

Crowe, Thank you for opening my eyes for me and guiding me.
I know its going to be a long journey, but I have inner love and spirit which you have brought out in me today.
Rune Reading with Crowe.

Excellent. Best Advice ever!
Rune Reading  – 4/2/17

This was a wonderful experience. I am new to this type of treatment and you can feel it working straight away.
Bernie is so lovely and kind and I will be seeing her again.
Shamanic Healing with Bernie.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift.
Healing left me feeling very uplifted and relaxed and I will be coming back for more treatments from you soon.
Love Kelli.
[Healing with Bernie]

The Rune Reading with Crowe was very powerful and meaningful, great advice and healing.
Thank you

Had a wonderful treatment today.
Very well deserved as I required some ‘me time’.
Amazing experiences and saw lots of visions.
Recommend to all.
Thank you for the healing.
Love and light.
Healing with Bernie.Liverpool St Georges. 11/9/16

Thank you for everything you have said. I can’t say how much I needed it.
I feel stronger and feel I can hold on now.


Wonderful Experience. I really enjoyed the healing.
Many, many thanks.

Fabulous reading.
Really connected with me and I now know the path I need to follow.
Highly recommend
BRILL – Pat.
Shamanic Healing off Bernie


Fantastic reading from a truly honest healer.


Felt really relaxed and peaceful. Any pains, problems feel a lot less. I enjoyed the experience.
Will definitely be back again :))
Thank you.
Janie. [Healing 10/9/16]

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. It was a beautiful experience.
Love and blessings.
Janie. [Reading 10/9/16]

An honest, sincere and energetic reading
Thank you!
St Georges 10/9/16                          .


Really enjoyed the reading… made sense and I could relate to it…confirmed what I initially knew.
So I will now take action and do what is needed for me!
Rune Reading with Crowe. Liverpool. 10/9/16

Totally relaxing and amazing experience.
Really enjoyed and would recommend.
Angie x
Shamanic Healing with Bernie

Great reading.
Allowed me to connect with the emotions which needed to come up.

Enjoyed every moment.
Thank you.
Shamanic Healing  Liverpool

This is something I have always wanted to do and I was not disappointed.
I found the whole experience very interesting and eye opening.
Thank you. Kay
Rune reading

Thank you for opening my ”eye”. 

I enjoyed remembering what its all about, and will act on the advice.

Spot on and thoughtful.
Thank you so much.
Liverpool Rune Reading.

Thank you for an excellent reading.

Excellent understanding of needs.
Will defo be in touch again.
Thank you.

Sharing with Crowe has been amazing.
Thank you