1st & 2nd April 2017.. One Of The Largest Mind, Body & Soul Exhibitions In The North West, St Georges City Hall Liverpool. LL1 1JJ

 10am till 5pm Both Days!

St Georges Hall is a stunningly beautiful historical building, which has kept many of it’s original features, in the Hall the Great Organ is a focal centre piece in the room and you could not get a more spiritual atmosphere as a setting for this type of event. This event will be one of the biggest MBS Exhibition in the North West with over a 70 stalls, and the Hall is positioned in the most prominent centre of Liverpool location, right across the road from both Liverpool Lime Street Station and The Empire Theatre. St Georges hosted the wonderful poppy display for Remembrance Day in 2015 and the new Harry Potter film ‘Fantastic Beasts’ was also filmed there in 2015.  Click on the link for map, and a link to get directions from where you are coming from.  https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/St+George’s+Hall/@53.4086992,-2.9801682,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3cdad38e75f01dab!8m2!3d53.4086992!4d-2.9801682

Liverpool is a fantastically vibrant city full of life and it’s residents are the salt of the earth, so please come along to this truly magical spiritual weekend where exhibitors from all over the UK have travelled to bring their services and gifts to you.

There will be:  Angel Card Readers, Art, Aromatherapists, Aura Photographers, Authors, Astrology, Beauty Products, Clothing, Crafts, Crystals, Divination, Essential Oils, Fragrances, Gifts, Healers, Health Products, Inspirational Speakers, Jewellery, Mediums, Music, Native Gifts, Nutritional Products & Services, Pagan, Psychics, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Artists, Therapists, Tarot Readers, Wellbeing Products & Services, Wicca & Many More!

This event is not to be missed! Come and pay us a visit and give your body & soul the loving care it deserves. There will be a host of FREE workshops, talks & demonstrations that will not only enhance your knowledge, but will leave you with a peace & tranquility you will never forget. You can reserve your place on a workshop in advance to avoid disappointment as these places do fill up very quickly. There will be an all day café in the Elmes Room in St Georges, which will be providing food and refreshments for when you need a rest!  Please click Here to book your space.

Do you want to jump the queue? You can pre-book your entrance tickets to this event and avoid the crowds, and receive a discount!  All pre-booked ticket holders can just come to the front of the queue to gain immediate entry. Please click Here to book your tickets in advance, children aged 15 and under are FREE.

You can enter our FREE prize draw, to win a stunningly beautiful crystal geode worth hundreds of pounds! The lucky winner of this crystal will always have a harmonious house as the energy from it is incredible!

If you have any questions regarding exhibitors or require more information about the event itself, please do not hesitate to Contact Us If you are an exhibitor wishing to book a stand please click Here


Saturday Workshops:    Cockerell Room


   10.30 – 11.20:  Join John David Kirby, Kim Lewis    & Joanne Theaker   for a medley of three talks within one workshop! 

John David Kirby  ‘Do You Need A Life Coach?’  During this talk I’ll share some ways in which a soul-centred coach may be able to help you. I’ll share my story as I changed my focus from a personal perspective to a more spiritual way of living and being. As a Coach I love helping people grow and live more empowering lives. In my experience the mind and body is only a small part of who I am. By tapping into a greater part of myself, sometimes referred to as the Higher Self or Inner Being, life takes on a whole new meaning. I have over 20 years experience on my “spiritual” journey.

Kim Lewis  ‘Access Bars’  Kim will be talking about an amazing, transformational healing method called “Access Bars”. Access Bars is an energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head. These points (aka The Bars) store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, stress and locked up energy in your mind and body. They relate to all areas of your life such as creativity, awareness, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, money, control, and many more. When you receive a Bars session, it allows the charge on these areas to dissipate, together with the stress and worry, giving you the choice to be more generative and to have something different show up in your life. Come and hear how Access Bars has changed lives and could do the same for you.

Joanne Theaker  ‘Building a Positive Relationship to Money ‘  This short presentation offers clear insight into how and why money affects people’s lives and how to manage emotions around it more effectively. Money is a useful tool to help get your needs met.  To help you build a truly positive relationship with money I can give you original ways in which to apply a variety of tools based on the latest understandings from neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions. My intention is that you’re relationship with money changes so you’re able to attract and use it to create a happier and more fulfilling life. 


  11.25 – 12.25:  ‘Angel Colour Therapy’  with Jane Manton. Jane from Seraff Souls will be talking to you about how you can work with the beautiful positive energies of the Angels and how they can assist and guide you on a daily basis. Jane will explore which angel is currently guiding you and the colours and emotions that relate to each one, explain Angelic Colour Therapy and discuss how you can use the colours to trigger the Angels assistance. Seraff Souls offer tranquil and peaceful photographs of nature and hand crafted products which are enhanced with the Angel Chakra Colours; perfect keepsakes, gifts or for healing and therapy rooms.


  12.35 – 13.20:  ‘Introduction To Shamanism’ with Crowe. Join Shaman & Healer, Crowe, for a wonderful insight into the ancient practice of Shamanism, and discover how this practice that has been passed down through the generations, and how it  can help to heal your life in so many different ways. You will learn how to apply techniques that will help you with emotional trauma, physical sickness, and how to maintain a balance in your life. Crowe receives many wonderful testimonials from his authentic heart based truth, come and discover why for yourself!


  13.30 – 14.15:  ‘Walk With The Animals, Talk With The Animals’  Join the wonderful Mel for a fascinating insight in to this exciting world of animal communication. Mel will share her experience of the many conversations she has had with our beloved animal companions, and you may be surprised at what our four legged friends think and feel about us! You will learn so much about the way we should be interacting with our pets with gifted and natural medium, Mel. Mel trained with some of the worlds best teachers, and has quickly risen to the top of her field, with clients all over the world. This workshop is a MUST for animal lovers!


  14.25 – 15.25:  ‘The Power Of Transformation With Hypnotherapy’  Dennis Richards, Director of Rodney Street Therapies, will present this interactive workshop showing how hypnosis has the power to transform your life. He will outline the essentials of a good hypnotherapy session, how you can use self-hypnosis to transform your life challenges, and lead a guided hypnosis session using imagery to transform any issue. He will also work with volunteers to demonstrate the benefit of working with a hypnotherapist. Bring your questions and issues to work on. Self-hypnosis CDS will be available to purchase at the event. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool in the aid of helping you to overcome many issues in your life, such as addictions, phobias, confidence & so much more! This will be a powerful workshop for those who want to lead a healthier and happier life.


  15.30 – 16.30:  ‘How To Mend A Broken Heart’  Join internationally acclaimed author and Soulpreneur,(TM)  Stephanie J King, in this deep soul connection workshop. What would it mean to you to be happy? What are you still searching for? Why can’t you find love? How do you keep love when you find it? In this talk you will discover the answer to these questions and more ,from a highly respected transformational life coach and speaker, who’s books ‘And So It Begins’, ‘Life Is Calling’, ‘Divine Guidance’ & ‘Just For Today’ have helped provide not only daily guidance, but life changing information, which has transformed the life of many thousands of people across the world. Join Stephanie if you want to be one of the lucky ones too. Stephanie s books activate awakening, healing, understanding, acceptance and tolerance, peace of mind, insight and answers within the simple process of reading. If you are looking for answers in your life, then this workshop is one you cannot miss!


16.35 – 17.05:   ‘How To Heal Your Mind’  The mind is such a complex thing, and it controls everything about us; our emotions, our thoughts, it can create sickness that then comes out in the body, addictions, phobias and so much more. Join respected NLP practitioner Karen Baughan, to discover the wonders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Timeline Therapy, and how they are used to heal Trauma, Depression, Addictions, and how to stop attracting negative experiences due to your mind-set, and learn how to start changing the negative to a positive, so you can free yourself from everything that is currently holding you back in your life. Not to be missed if you are attracting a lot of negative experiences in your life right now, and want to change your life for the better.


Saturday Workshops:    Reid Room


   10.30 – 11.00:  ‘Christian Healing’  Join Brian Dickinson for an interactive demonstration of the biblical practice of Christian Healing. You will discover the positive effects for the body and mind. Learn how this practice was first started and why it is still going strong all around the world today, and why people still gain so much comfort from this type of healing, over two thousand years after it was first created. You will feel the peace and love from Brian and his healers, who create a safe space for you to relax in.


  11.10 – 11.55:  ‘The Joys & Wonders Of Using Crystals For Healing’  Join crystal expert Carol Wallace for this fascinating insight in to how crystals can be used to help you heal your life, and create calm, loving, and healthy atmospheres within your home, workplace and life. You will discover how to get the best out of your crystals and gain a perfect understanding of how to look after them to receive the best from them. Carol runs her own crystal business (Crystal Carols) with her husband Campbell, in Ashton-Under-Lyne in Tameside, and has many years experience and knowledge to pass on, as she has seen first hand how these crystals can help you in so many different ways. There will be a FREE crystal for all those who attend the workshop! You will come away feeling energized and invigorated, as the power of these crystals amaze you.


12.05 – 12.35:  CBD (AKA Medicinal Cannabis) – The Miracle Supplement – Is your Endocannabinoid System deficient?”  “You may be surprised to know that Mother’s Milk provides cannabinoids, and we go on to produce our own throughout our lifetime. 20 Years ago the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered and it turns out that it is responsible for modulating a dazzling array of physiological functions, both in the central and periferal nervous systems.  If we are not producing our own cannabinoids, our ECS can become deficient. This deficiency can be treated with CBD.  Non-psychoactive CBD, (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid medicine and it is being implicated as having remedial benefits for a wide range of disparate diseases and pathological conditions – from IBS to Bi-Polar; from Fibromyalgia, to Arthritis; from Acne to Diabetes, the list goes on.  Janette McSkimming from Eden Alkaline Health will explain the science behind this safe and increasingly sought after supplement and will touch on it’s vast therapeutic potential. Come and sample some CBD too”.


  12.45 – 13.45:  ‘Galactic Star Heart Healing®’ with Jeanette Madeley.  Do you feel stuck, lost, lonely, not sure which path to take, need a top up of love/ healing energy, need a frequency upgrade? Do you wish to initiate or strengthen and deepen your connections with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and Star Family? Are you ready to receive the purest heart frequency upgrade of Love, Joy, Peace & Unity to help you heal and move forwards in all areas of your life? Would you like to feel Uplifted, Energised and Empowered? Then look no further, join Angelic Jeanette, Guides, Angels and Star Family, to find out more about this Powerful Healing modality and experience the Profound Healing energy, which was used in ancient times. You will receive a powerful DIVINE HEART ATTUNEMENT of pure love, joy, peace and unity, allowing healing to take place on all levels, helping you to release any blocks and stagnant patterns that are preventing you from moving forwards and reaching your full personal, professional and spiritual Divine potential in this lifetime. DISCOVER THIS NEW, POWERFUL, PROFOUND, LIFE TRANSFORMING STAR HEALING ENERGY WHICH IS A GIFT OF LOVE TO HUMANITY FROM OUR BELOVED STAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. NOW IS THE TIME FOR HEALING, MIRACLES, MAGIC AND MANIFESTATION. This Talk and Powerful Star Healing Meditation could seriously enhance your life on all levels. NOT TO BE MISSED. HIGHLY BENEFICIAL FOR ALL Free Gift Voucher for all who attend. STAR HEALING MEDITATION AVAILABLE ON CD.  Angelic Jeanette is an International Motivational Speaker, Enlightened Channel for the Angelic Realms, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Star Magic Facilitator/Healer, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counsellor, Soul Preneur and Facilitator of Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops and Courses for Individuals, Groups and Corporate events, UK and abroad. Past Life Regressionist and Future Life Progressionist. MEMBER OF THE ANGELIC REIKI ASSOCIATION & BCMA.


  13.55 – 14.45:  ‘Discover the Power of Essential Oils for Health & Wellness’  with Dawn Murray.  Come and experience for yourself what everyone is talking about! Learn how to support your families’ health and wellness naturally. Learn how to use Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils safely and effectively. These natural solutions improve your health and support your immune function, so you can prevent illness, and fight infections, colds, flu, fevers, headaches, stomach ache, allergies, pain, depression, and so much more, naturally!
Come along to this in-depth workshop, and discover the magic of these oils for yourself, and the health and wellbeing of your family.


  14.50 – 15.25:  ‘Angel Answers’ with Flavia Kate Peters ATP®.  The Angels are waiting to share their loving guidance in all areas, such as, Relationships, Health, Finances, and anything you feel you need assistance with in your life right now. Come along with your questions, and join Flavia Kate Peters, in this interactive, audience participation workshop,  as she connects with the angelic realm, through clairvoyance, and oracle cards, to find out what the angels want you to know at this moment in time. Flavia Kate Peters is an author, speaker, therapist, singer and natural mystic, who connects with the ancient deities of the Celtic British Isles. Known as ‘The Faery Shaman’, Flavia Kate, works very closely with the nature spirits and faeries. Flavia Kate, regularly graces the pages of Spirit & Destiny & FAE magazine, and is a best selling author. A wonderful workshop for all. 


  15.30 – 16.05:  ‘Creating Your Own Destiny’ with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free.  Instead of relying on others to give you readings and guidance, learn how to receive messages for yourself. By using oracle cards, Barbara will teach you how to understand the ancient form of divination, in order to create your own destiny.  Known widely as The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, where the ancient tradition still survives. She has worked with many of the indigenous cultures from around the world, including North and South America, and now after forty years of practice has integrated the ancient ways of Seership, and Shamanism. Barbara has travelled the world with her teachings, and has a huge following as both an author and advocate. Join Barbara in this workshop in order to take control of your own life.


  16.10 – 17.10:  ‘Is There Anybody There?’  Join highly acclaimed medium Rafael Dellal, for this demonstration of proof that there is life after death. Have you lost someone you love? Do you believe your loved ones are always with you? Have you seen or felt, your loved one around you? Do you believe in something, but don’t now what? Come along to this wonderful demonstration where Rafael will bridge the gap between two worlds, to bring you messages of love, hope and comfort from your loved ones in Spirit. Rafael had gained a reputation for delivering messages from our loved ones, with compassion and laughter too! Not to be missed.  

Sunday Workshops:       Cockerell Room


  10.30 – 11.30:  ‘Hatha Yoga Class’ with Rosanna Gordon. Join Rosanna, a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher, in this superb interactive, audience participation workshop. Rosanna has 8 years teaching experience (group and private classes), and this workshop will offer a hatha yoga class suitable for all abilities of yoga, from complete beginners to those with more experience, to help you stretch and strengthen your body, and find energy, balance, & relaxation on the mat. Yoga is a centuries old tradition, that has been helping millions of people connect to their ‘higher selves,’ and help to manage the stress and strain of everyday life. Join her for a friendly, inclusive and uplifting 60-minute class. Connect with Rosanna on Facebook Rosanna Yoga and via her website www.rosannagordon.com for class & retreat information in Liverpool city centre and abroad.


  11.40 – 12.40:  ‘The Alkaline Approach To Health – A Simpler Way To Thrive!’  with nutritional expert Janette McSkimming.  “You may have heard of the Alkaline Diet, as many of the so-called “A-Listers” are getting into it. It is a simple approach to eating and living based on solid scientific principles and common-sense, easy-to-do steps. Jan from Eden Alkaline Health will give an overview of the principles, explain why it is a sensible approach to today’s health crisis and show how you can achieve it without it breaking the bank!” If you want to live a healthier life, and to step off that yo-yo diet train, then this is a must for you!  


  12.50 – 13.50:  ‘The Message You Need to Hear For Today’s Life’  Join highly acclaimed, inspirational speaker Denis Barnes.  Participate in a new energy from the Council of Twelve… come and be a witness to yourself as your life will change, as you partake in the infinite wisdom of “The Council of Twelve” in a “Free Workshop” (The Message You Need to Hear For Today’s Life) A Powerful Interactive Talk Regarding… “You and Your Life”. For Those of You Who are Familiar / Not Familiar With My Work – This Will Astonish You… This Is a New Energy Brought Forth With the Blessing Of the Council Of Twelve Grandmasters.. “not forgetting the famous hot seat where you are able to ask questions and receive answers regarding your personal life”. Denis is a Channel for the Ascended Masters known as the Council of Twelve, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, with over 30 years within the spiritual realms. If you are looking for direction and guidance in your life, then this is the place to be.


  14.00 – 15.00:  ‘Manifesting & Attracting With The Angels’  with Michelle Lawson. In this workshop, you can expect Michelle to guide you through the basics of manifesting. From intention setting, working with the Angels to clear any blocks, tools, and techniques which enhance the process. You will discover methods for exercising patience, as manifestation works its magic behind the scenes.  Finally, Michelle will share her own tips, tricks, prayers and incantations, and will also help you journey to deep relaxation with a short guided meditation, helping you leave tranquil and motivated to attract the life you deserve. Michelle has been working with the Angels for over 10 years and is a fully certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Certified Angel Card Reader® after a period of work with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  Having successfully manifested the life she desires for herself, and supporting Clients to achieve the same level of confidence in manifesting and attraction. Michelle has planned a condensed workshop for you all in manifesting your desires, believing all of you deserve the life of your dreams, and understanding it’s within your reach. A truly inspirational workshop with a meditation included.


  15.10 – 16.10:  Access Consciousness’  Join highly respected Access Bars facilitator Barbara Louvrou, for this interactive workshop, where you will discover the life-changing techniques, tools and processes which are designed to empower you, to create the life you truly desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving. Access Bars are one of the first tools of Access created over 25 years ago by Gary Douglas. Its a hands on process that allows to process and receive the changes you are choosing with ease. When touching the 32 points on your head effortlessly and easily, gets you to release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. This is a possibility for you to let go of everything! ( great for stress, anxiety, depression, increase energy, eliminates aches pains and stiffness, helps with autism, ADHD, eliminates headaches, lose weight and much more). At worst you will feel you have had a great massage, at best for many it is life changing. Tasters available and talk on “Access Consciousness”- giving you the tools and techniques to live your life with more ease and consciously. Come along and see what it can do for you!


   16.20 – 17.00:  How radiation from wifi, mobile and cordless phones adversely affects our physical and spiritual selves’ with Dr Ellis Evans. Our true nature is love, yet our 3D reality is largely defined by our bio-electrical selves. Our bio-electrical selves are easily swamped by dense electrosmog which may lead to sickness, disease and altered states of consciousness. In this talk I will discuss how microwave radiation adversely affects us and will look at ways to decrease exposure and increase spiritual well being. Dr Ellis For much of  his life, has been employed as an environmental scientist with specialisms in radiochemistry and atmospheric sciences. As we move deeper and deeper into this digital age, it is the most critical time for us to understand what effects our technology is having on our mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing, and we can only manage these effects by truly understanding them. For a workshop that cuts through the hype, and is delivered by an expert in this field, then this is one talk you do not want to miss.


Sunday Workshops:     Reid Room


  10.30 – 11.30:   ‘The Real You – Living With Love, Freedom & Happiness’  with Paulhansa.  Deep within us we know who we truly are, and know who and how we are meant to be. Within us all there are divine qualities such as Peace, Strength, Wisdom, Joy and Unconditional Love, all of which are part of our true nature, our True Self. If we can access these qualities and live them day to day then we can be truly happy and fulfilled in our lives. In this workshop we will look at ways in which we can free ourselves more from the ties that bind us to old patterns of restricted and fearful living, with spiritual knowledge and energy care techniques – helping you to increasingly open yourself up to the divine qualities that are always with you, so you can live and be more of The Real You. The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre, which was founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma over 30 years ago, with the sole aim of helping people to become more their True Selves – Happy and Healthy on all levels: body, mind and Spirit.


  11.40 – 12-10:   A Spiritual Mediumship Workshop’  with John Cook.  John is a Spiritual medium with over 30 years experience of working on stage, at churches and one to one readings. He has give messages to thousands of people bringing them comfort and healing from their loved ones in spirit. This workshop is for people to explore and develop their psychic and spiritual connections regardless of previous experience. John believes we all have spiritual ability and will be using his natural warmth to show you how to strengthen your link with spirit.  Come along to a demonstration filled with love and laughter.  A fabulous workshop for all!


  12.15 – 13.15:  ‘Learn The Secrets Your Feet Reveal’  with the UK’s leading celebrity Foot Reader, Jane Sheehan.  Jane is the author of five books, has a reflexology practice in Scarisbrick near Southport and tours the world teaching foot reading skills.  She has made many TV and radio appearances, including the BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s spin off show “It Takes Two”.  Come and join Jane for a fantastically fun and unique workshop, where Jane will be getting you to read your own feet and those of the people sat next to you. No experience is required and it will be lots of fun. So if you always wondered what your bunions say about you, then this workshop is not to be missed!


  13.20 – 14.20:  ‘Meeting Your Soul’  with Irshad Mohammed.  In this workshop you will learn; How to meet your soul; The truth behind characters and habits, that are not part of the soul; The power of Mantra; To understand how to reconnect to ancient vibration. You will learn; The tricks of the ego; To understand what your ego is; Where it comes from; What it does; and more importantly, how to control it. Irshad will teach you Sufi meditation energy, which is a higher vibration method to disconnect you from worldly desires and reconnect to heavenly support. Irshad is a very respected healer, speaker and teacher. He has helped thousands of people with his teachings, to strip away all that they think they are, and to become who they truly are. This workshop is for all of us on our journey in life, who want to lead fulfilled and happier lives.


  14.25 – 15.25:  ‘Who Am I? Where Am I? What Is This Place?’ Join highly acclaimed author and speaker, Deb Hawken for this hour of fun & enjoyment. Discover why Deb firmly believes that mind, body, & spirit is not a cliché, but very real. You will enjoy an empowering visualization, and have great fun, putting your spiritual side to the test! Deb will give you unique insight in to the teachings of her book, and how you can get the best out of life! Deb has been published in Kindred Spirit, High Spirit and Eternal Spirit Magazines, and featured in Kindred Spirit, Fate & Fortune and Chat It’s Fate.  Deb has written about some amazing people, she also had the honour of interviewing and writing about some of the biggest names in the spiritual field, as well as Joe Pasquale and Uri Geller for an online magazine called Silent Voices. For a truly inspirational workshop, this is one not to be missed.


  15.30 – 16.15:  ‘My Spiritual Journey’ with Leigh Knowles.  Join spiritual medium Leigh Knowles as she takes you on a journey into spiritualism. Leigh will share her own journey, and experiences with this interactive workshop. When we connect to spirit we enhance our lives in so many ways. There are numerous ways to connect and to receive guidance from our spirit guides and teachers, and the difference the information can make to our lives is priceless. Leigh will also be doing a demonstration of Psychometry, which is where she will pick up a connection to an item of yours, or a loved one that has passed, (a ring, or watch etc) then she will be able to pick up the energy from that person from the object, or if it is yours, she will pick up on any guidance she needs to give you at this time. A great audience participation workshop, where you will receive knowledge and direction in your life.


  16.20 – 16.50:  ‘I Believe In Me’  Join new and vibrant author & speaker, Danielle Lundstom, for this high energy talk, where Danielle will share the inspirational and life transforming messages, from her book ‘I believe in me’. So many of us struggle from day to day, being told we will not amount to anything, being criticised, for who or what we are, allowing others to destroy our hopes and dreams, because they do not agree with them. Danielle is living proof, that when you believe in yourself truly, you can achieve great things, that you did not even dare to dream possible. Come along to find out just how she, and you can do it!


Our Exhibitors:

Mediums, Psychics & Readers:

Raymond Castrogiovanni; http://www.psychicraymond.co.uk/   /  Amy Holland: http://www.amypsychicmedium.co.uk/  Jane Sheehan: (Foot Reader)  http://www.footreading.com/ /   Michael Jameson: (BSL)  http://www.reikimichael-synergy.com/  /  /  Crowe: (Rune Reader) corvus.healing@gmail.com  /  /  Florence Moss: f-moss@sky.com /   Deb Hawken: http://www.debhawken.com/  /   Michelle Lawson: www.spiritualshell.com  /  Stephanie J King: (Soulpreneur) https://stephaniejking.com/ /  Rafael Dellal: mediumrafael@yahoo.co.uk /  /  Auriel: (Astrologer)  aurielwest@gmail.com /  Leigh Knowles: http://www.leighspsychicpathways.co.uk/ / 

 Authors:  Stephanie J King: https://stephaniejking.com/ /  Deb Hawken: http://www.debhawken.com/ /  Danielle Lundstrom: danielle.1982@hotmail.co.uk /

Aura Photographer: Jackie Dennison & Steve Furlong: http://www.feathersmediums.co.uk/

Spirit Guide Artist:  Amy Holland:  http://www.amypsychicmedium.co.uk/

Animal Communicator:  Melanie Cruickshank:  animalcomm.mel@gmail.com

Spiritual Retreats:   Deborah Owen (4 Elements Retreats)  razzamatazme@hotmail.co.uk 


Healers & Therapists:

Barbara Louvrou: (Access Bars)  http://www.thewellworks.co.uk/  /  Paulhansa: (Self Realization Centre) info@selfrealizationhealingcentres.org /  Michael Jameson: (Angel Reiki, available in British Sign Language) http://www.reikimichael-synergy.com /  Chandu Solanki: (Reflexologist) http://sanctuary-reflexology.co.uk/tag/york/ /  Bernadette Shaw: (Shamanic Healer) bernie.shaw11@gmail.com  /  Brian Dickinson: (Christian Healing) dickinson_b1@sky.com  /  Mike McGuire: (Reflexologist) http://www.mobilereflexology.net/Pages/Home.aspx  /  Alicia o Sullivan & Marianne Billbe: (Reiki & Indian Head) aliciaosullivan69@gmail.com  /  Usha Henderson: (Hand Reflexology & Massage) 07790 522610 /  Rodney Street Therapies: (Hypnosis, Dream Interpretation) http://www.rodneystreettherapies.co.uk/  /  Irshad Mohammed: (The Touch Sufi Healing) newby.kayleigh@yahoo.co.uk  /  Jeanette Madeley: (Galactic Star Heart Healing) http://www.angelicascension.co.uk/  /  Ted Royle: (Transformational Energetics) 07432 143748 /  Karen Baughan: (NLP) karen_baughan@hotmail.co.uk  /  Diana Jaritz: (Karma Release & Crystal Healer) http://www.dianajaritz.com/  /  Paul McCormick: (TFT Energy Healing) https://www.tftenergyhealing.com/

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