Leigh Knowles (Psychic Medium)

About Me

From a very early age I have had a deep connection with spirit and have heard and seen things not of this earth. One night at the age of 3 years old, my mum had put me to bed and she could hear me chatting away in my bedroom. Thinking I was just playing with toys she ignored me the first time. However as she listened more in the evenings, she realised I was having and following a conversation with someone. Finally after about a week or so of this going on she came into my bedroom and asked who I was speaking to. My reply was “The old lady in the rocking chair, can’t you see her mummy? She’s smiling at you”.

As I got older my connection with spirit grew stronger, I was also having very vivid dreams about world catastrophes which would happen one to two weeks later. I found this quite frightening and tried my best to block it out. My most vivid dreams would always fall on a full moon and I would regularly sleep walk as well during these periods. Since having my children the night visions and sleep walking has calmed down but I now get more visions and hear spirit more during the day.

I have been a practising Pagan for 15 years, this has also allowed me to develop my psychic abilities and personal development in this field. For many years I have worked in a lot of different fields from catering and hospitality to being in a high pressurised sales position. None of the work has ever given me the passion and satisfaction that working with spirit gives me.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like guidance in your life.

 Website: www.leighspsychicpathways.co.uk

Email: leigh@leighspsychicpathways.co.uk

Phone: 07527 231030