How To Help Depression With Holistic Therapies: Sunday 15th April @ Leigh Sporting Inn & Lodge WN7 3XQ


If you have answered YES to any of those questions, then this ‘How to help depression with Holistic Therapies’ workshop is for you!

                    Come and join Depression & Trauma Coach, Judy Hindle, for a day that could truly change your life for the better!

Did you know that one in five people in the UK now suffer with Depression, Anxiety or some Trauma issues! I find that quite scary, I don’t know about you. Our NHS is stretched beyond breaking point, the waiting times for mental health has dramatically increased, with some areas having to wait up to eighteen months to see a counsellor or therapist. The sad truth is, people are dying in the process, as they are taking their own lives because they just cannot wait. Even the Mental Health Charities as well meaning as they are, cannot reach people either, as their funding has been slashed, and the demand is forever increasing for them. A lot of people who are suffering cannot afford to go private, and therefore there is a huge gap in our care system. This is where I come in…..

I have been successfully treating people with Depression, Anxiety & Trauma on a one to one basis for the last ten years. I have decided to put a workshop together that can treat multiple people at the same time, rather than just one to one. I also recognized that because some cannot afford the private care, and the fact that this is causing a lot of suffering for people, I decided to tackle this on a bigger scale to try and help as many people as possible at the same time, for a price that is affordable to everyone. My aim is to take these workshops all over the UK so that they can help people everywhere.

The effects of depression are far more reaching than just on your state of mind. Long term depression can be a killer…Fact! Psychological issues cause sickness and disease in the body over a long period of time, as the root of the issues, are trying to ‘break free’ and be recognized. Conditions such as Fibromyalgia, M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.S. to name but a few, are all now being scientifically proven to start in the mind….. Even the medial world is now identifying what us Holistic Practitioners have been saying for a long time, that all illness, whether it be in the mind or the body has a ROOT cause, and only by finding and thus eliminating the root cause, are you able to become fully healthy once more.

When you go to a medical practitioner for depression, you are given Anti Depressants, this is just a sticking plaster to try and control your symptoms, it does not cure you. Have you read the side effects of Anti-Depressants? One of the side effects is ‘Suicidal Thoughts’… WHAT!!!! The very thing you are being prescribed to make you ‘feel better’ could actually be making you worse. Then there are the implications of taking medication, which as it is chemically produced, has a negative impact on your body. Something has got to change!

During this workshop you will discover what is causing your depression, anxiety or trauma and how you have kept yourself in this state. Then I will provide the tools you need in order for you to heal it. This will be an in-depth interactive workshop with participation, and laughter too. Many of you will have a life changing experience with this workshop, this will be the first step on your road to recovery, if you are ready to take it. ‘When you already in hell, there is not much else to lose’. You don’t have to stay in ‘hell’, you can move in to Heaven, but only you can take the first step…..


The workshop runs from 10.00am till 5.30pm. Tea, Coffee, Water & Cordial is provided with biscuits all day, free of charge. There is an excellent eatery on site for lunch, which is very reasonably priced. or you can bring your own lunch.

The venue is ideally placed on the A580, East Lancashire Road, and in near all the motorway networks of the M6, M62, M56 & M60. There is free car parking, and free Wi-Fi too. All you have to bring is a notepad and pen, as you will really want to make notes!

The venue is Leigh Sporting Inn & Lodge, Warrington Road, Leigh. WN7 3XQ  01942 671256. We will be in the Haydock Suite.  Click on link for map;”/Leigh+sporting+inn+and+lodge/@53.4805692,-2.5713844,12z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x487b076d20a2100b:0x85aa0ba9627c8008!2m2!1d-2.5013449!2d53.4805897

Here are just a few of the comments from people Judy has helped over the years, will you be the next?

I had suffered with depression the 17 years on and off when I was at my lowest Judy helped me I thought I was at the end, I thought I had to end my life as I couldn’t go on, then Judy helped me by doing her therapy and now I have never been happier I’m 3 year 4 months free of depression and I am truly grateful for the help! It was worth every penny I would 100% recommend you do this because the life you have afterwards is amazing!” Xx  Siobhan

“There were days I thought I would die, there were days I wanted to die, and then I met Judy. I had tried CBT, EFT and every other thing in between. I had been on Anti-Depressants for 25 Years! I don’t know how she does what she does, but all I can say is that it saved my life, that is all I can really say.” Much love Cath x

“My depression was actually grief, no one had picked that up, only shoved Anti-depressants at me. Once Judy uncovered the root of my issues, she then peeled everything back until there was nothing left and nowhere to hide! Amazing therapy, and a wonderful human being. She does not let you off with anything! I would recommend Judy to anyone who is suffering and wants to get their life back! I did! If you really want to change, then Judy is the person who can definitely help you with that. Thank you again.” Sarah xxx 

To book on this workshop please pay through PayPal below. If you have any questions, please ring me on 01942 793722. See you there! “You are only restricted by the limitations of your own mind”

Early Bird Price only £57  (£97 from 8th of April)       Alternatively you can pay by BACS: Sort Code: 09-01-27  Account: 88401553  The Healing Centre